How Local Businesses Can Help Food Groups


There are a growing number of our neighbours in the Adur and Worthing area who do not have enough to eat and there is also a large amount of unsold food that goes to waste. These problems have different causes that need to be addressed separately. But, until we reach a better solution, the food groups in Adur and Worthing work hard to deliver food that would otherwise go to waste to those who are in need of support.


We are currently looking for local businesses who want to help their community. Here is a list of ways that you can support the Community Food Network.



  • Use your Corporate Social Responsibility Budget to do some good: You can make a direct financial donation to The Community Food Network or one of the Community Food Groups directly, sponsor equipment used by groups in the partnership or even organise a fundraising event. Contact if you’d like to make a financial donation.


  • Food Donation: If you have surplus food on a regular basis, you can help by making a food donation. Food donations are a great way to help and reduce your food waste costs. You could also set up a donation basket, where your customers or employees can donate food. Contact if you’d like to make a regular food donation.


  • Pay the Living Wage: Did you know, many of the people who need to access food support are actually in work? Sign your business up to the Real Living Wage.


  • Campaign for Change: The work of community food groups is essential to prevent hunger, but this is not answer to the wider issue of food poverty in the UK. We need to raise awareness of these issues and campaign for more permanent change. See this blog post for more information about why people might need to access support.







If you would like to find out more about Adur and Worthing Food Partnership, please get in touch or check out our website here.