Working Together for Good Food for All

Working together better

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that our local food system was neither equitable or sustainable, and while lots of good work was happening, it was often fragmented and reactive with lots of overlap. 

In response to these issues, a group of people from across the community are coming together to work out how we can collaborate and make the best use of our skills, knowledge and resources to better support and work with people experiencing food inequality.

What if together we..

Ensure people who need support are able to access food service on a daily basis, while we address the underlying issues long-term.

Ensure every individual is supported, empowered and in control of their present and future food needs  

Ensure no families go hungry and for no food to be wasted

Ensure every individual is supported, empowered and in control of their present and future food needs  

Take an area specific approach that alleviates hunger and food insecurity

Understand fully and influence the current picture and plans to address food poverty in Adur & Worthing 

Have a meeting of minds, skills, experience of resources to provide help where it’s really needed and avoid wasted effort and resources

Work together with a one team approach to reduce barriers and make delivery of services to end users more possible

Build relationships and knowledge of local help that’s available

Ensure people with lived experience have a voice alongside decision makers so we have genuine collaboration

We engage policy makers to bring about change 

We develop full understanding that it is a right for every person to have a right to access food

We develop radical practices and radical thinking 

Together we can make this happen.

Who can get involved?

If you are someone who lives or works in Adur & Worthing and you have expressed a commitment to a people-centered approach to addressing food poverty then this group is for you.


You might be a young carer, a community mental health lead, working in a local library or school, you could be part of the local public health team or credit union or housing association, you might be working with a local emergency food project or have experience of food inequality yourself.


Get Involved

If you would like to commit to developing proactive approaches to addressing food inequality in Adur & Worthing and are willing to contribute your thoughts and ideas and experience to help inform this work going forward, we would love to have your input.

Just enter your information and a brief summary of your interest in getting involved, and we will be in touch to link you in.

The work so far..

This group first met back in January 21 to talk about preventing people entering food poverty and better ways to support people out of food poverty (you can see the notes here).

More people joined in March 21 to talk about how we could organise and what our purpose and aims were. 

At the last meeting in July we reflected on what we wanted to experience in the alliance and what the inspiring possibilities of those experiences would be.

We are now working on moving into coordinated action, to work on developing people-centered and sustainable solutions.