HISBE storefront

Support Local – How It Should Be (HISBE)

Rebel Supermarket HISBE opened their Worthing store during the pandemic and it’s already generated over £300,000 for the local economy.


For every £1 you spend in store, HISBE spend 57p in the local economy. This matters, as money spent locally, supports local people, local businesses and, when spent sustainably, also supports the local environment. That’s £342,000 back into the local economy since HISBE opened at the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020. Compare this to the big supermarkets, who only invest 5p in the local economy per £1 spent.


HISBE (which stands for How it Should Be) was created to transform the food industry because right now it just isn’t sustainable, for people or for the planet. HISBE pays all of their staff the real living wage, ensuring the people they work with can afford to meet their everyday needs. Their sourcing is based on principles of sustainability, including local, seasonal, high-welfare, nature friendly and low waste foods.


As people emerge from Covid, HISBE are calling for shoppers to ‘Go Back To Better’ and shop small, independent, and local to help the Worthing economy thrive. They want to inspire more people to rely less on the big supermarkets and to make sustainable swaps in their food shop, be it big or small.


“If everyone shopped at wonderful independents like HISBE with plastic free loose fruit and veg, refill section and local/sustainable ethos we really would be doing something positive for the climate emergency” – HISBE food citizen.


A shift in the way people shop for food is needed, and HISBE think supermarkets can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Local produce now accounts for 43% of all HISBE’s spend on and 51% of all fresh food is local. This helps to create a more sustainable local food economy, where farmers are paid fair prices for their produce and local good food enterprise is sustained.


“A supermarket that actually cares – and sells great produce. It’s a little more expensive usually but it’s worth getting a little less because it’s better quality. It feels really nice and welcoming and modern in there too, a way nicer experience than normal shops.” – HISBE food citizen.


There is no getting away from it, sustainable produced food based on a food system that avoids exploiting people and the planet can cost more. Though you might be surprised to know that HISBE’s packaging-free food beats all the major supermarkets on price and came out cheaper by weight on all comparable products. Unfortunately, with rising living costs many people in Worthing don’t have the luxury of choice when it comes to supporting healthy and sustainable and ethical businesses, this means it’s even more important for the people who can choose, to choose better – and know that the organisation they’re supporting is doing better too.


You can find the HiSBE team on Portland Road in Worthing town centre (BN11 1QN).